50% of the proceeds from Sammy's Shell sales will be donated to support foster children*

Why foster children? While many of us have experienced tragedy in our lives, not every child has extended family to step in when they've lost everything. Foster care is, in my opinion, one of the most necessary and human programs out there. Unfortunately, it is also complex and tragically underfunded. The dynamics of life for many of these children are unbearably unfair, which is why I think it is important to support the programs that help them. If anyone needs love, support, and protection, it is children who have lost or been removed from their homes.

Here are 3 organizations that I think are amazing and contribute to personally, as well as with Sammy's Shell proceeds


As described in their website: Together We Rise is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America. They work with a massive network of volunteers to provide foster children across the country with essential resources, dignity, and community.

Please check them out, and support them if you can!


Just In Time's mission is to engage a caring community to help transition age foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well-being.

Imperfect as foster care is, those in the system lose whatever support they had when they turn 18. For some, that means no family, no home, no money, no plan, and nowhere to turn. They may even have complications such as gaps in education, poor credit, or history of abuse due to their previous situations. Members of the community can donate money, mentorship, professional advice, or even offer a young person a place to go for the holidays. This program is remarkable and so full of heart.


As described in their website, Angels is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safe, stable, and loving homes for infants. Did you know that you can buy items from their Amazon 'wish list' and literally send presents to foster babies?! They also participate in Amazon Smile, where you can passively donate just by shopping. This organization is based in San Diego, CA, but you can find and support a similar organization near you.

To kick things off I've started with a $100 donation in honor of Sammy and the crew.

*Exceptions to my commitment are:

  • Sales where the author royalty is less than $.02

  • Sales where books are eligible for return at the author's expense. These shouldn't be common, but could result in a financial loss for me.

I need this to be sustainable so that it can continue!