Sammy's Shell

Paperback and eBook editions of Sammy's Shell are now available to purchase through Amazon.

*the eBook is formatted for a color screen, and is not appropriate for black and white devices such as the kindle paperweight.

Coming Soon:

  • hardcover

  • adapted book options

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This story starts when a sea snail, named Sammy, gives her shell to a crab who doesn’t have one. Sammy unknowingly starts a pay-it-forward pattern of kindness as a series of ocean creatures decide to help someone in need. The beautiful watercolor illustrations bring this simple, rhyming story to life, as the characters show us what can happen when we care about one another.

As an educator, I spend an absurd amount of time creating worksheets and activities to work on different language concepts. With Sammy's Shell, I wanted to create an entire library of free companion activities and workshops for parents and educators, so that you don't have to. This is a work in progress so check back for more!


The gorgeous watercolor art was created by the stunningly talented Cosette Aguirre. Click the button to see more of her incredible work.

Book dedication

There is a special acknowledgement on the back of the book for my father. In Mr. Heck's career, he taught children of all ages, but I've been lucky enough to learn from him my whole life. He truly is one of the kindest, most loving people I know.

My partner also deserves and enormous thank you, for supporting me throughout this project - no matter what resources I've wanted to put into it.

And to my sisters, whose endless encouragement and enthusiasm have been priceless.

Coming soon: Sammy's Shell read aloud video